Leaked documents reveal

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday renewed her call to break up Amazon after internal documents obtained by Reuters revealed that the e-commerce giant engaged in anti-competitive behavior in India that it has long denied, including in testimonies from company leaders to Congress. “These documents show what we feared about Amazon’s monopoly power—that the company […]

MadHive Deal Gives Google A Leg Up In The Cloud Wars

Ready to use cloud with screen mode getty As data assumes a greater place in the advertising universe, a skirmish of sorts has broken out among the major cloud storage companies—Google GOOG and Amazon AMZN in particular—to win the hearts and minds of the advertising and media community. I say skirmish because given the massive […]

Vaccination Rates Surge Amid Covid Vaccine Mandates, White House Says

Topline Seventy-seven percent of eligible Americans had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine as of Wednesday, White House officials said, crediting the success of the mass inoculation drive to the growing number of vaccine mandates being put in place across the country. Aiden Arthurs receives the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine from Pharmacist Andrew […]

‘Hamilton’ Transgender Actor Accuses Management Of Discrimination In Federal Complaint

Topline A transgender ex-cast member of Hamilton alleged “frequent incidents of discrimination and harassment” against them by management and other performers at the hit musical, filing a complaint Wednesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming they were terminated from the show over their request for a gender-neutral dressing room. The marquee of the Pantages […]

Fannie Mae sells NPLs to Credit…

Two Wall Street firms and a single-family rental investor have purchased portions of Fannie Mae’s latest nonperforming loan package. The four pools totaling $1.68 billion were sold to these companies or their affiliates with the following weighted averages for note rates and broker price opinion-based loan-to-value ratios, respectively: nearly $350.9 million (4.6%, 57%) to Barclays; […]

Gas prices are

Gas prices are at 7-year highs, and Biden can’t do much about it  CNN Source