France Calls for European Aid After 27 Migrants Die at Sea 

CALAIS, FRANCE —  France and Britain appealed Thursday for European assistance, promised stepped-up efforts to combat people-smuggling networks, and traded blame and barbs in the wake of this week’s tragedy in the English Channel that again shone a light on the scale and complexity of Europe’s migration problems. At least 27 migrants drowned Wednesday after […]

Reporter’s Notebook: Islamic State Murders in Syria’s al-Hol Camp

AL-HOL AND AL-ROJ, SYRIA —  Most of the women we meet in al-Hol camp, a detention center in northeastern Syria, won’t talk about the murders. But Umm Mustafa, from Iraq, speaks quickly and quietly, standing away from the crowds in the market. She voices shock. It is not the roughly 80 killings so far this […]

US Home Price, Inflation Outlook:

The US home-price surge is cooling off, but not as fast as buyers would like, Fannie Mae said in a report. The firm expects year-over-year home inflation to only hit its pre-COVID average in early 2023, and for prices to keep soaring at a historic pace throughout next year. Price growth will plunge below its […]

Who’s a Hero? Some US States, Cities Still Debating COVID Hazard Pay

HARTFORD, CONN. —  When the U.S. government allowed so-called hero pay for front-line workers as a possible use of pandemic relief money, it suggested occupations that could be eligible, from farmworkers and child care staff to janitors and truck drivers. State and local governments have struggled to determine who among the many workers who braved […]

Native Americans See Progress, Work Ahead to Protect Cultural Lands

CHACO CULTURE NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK, NEW MEXICO —  The stillness that enveloped Chaco Canyon was broken only by the sound of a raven’s wings as it circled overhead. Then a chorus of leaders from several Native American tribes began to speak, their voices echoing off the nearby sandstone cliffs. The Indigenous leaders from the Hopi […]

Here’s How The Supreme Court Could Vote On

Image source: Fannie Mae The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac last week. Now we wait for the court’s official opinion, which will take several months. Here’s a look at the two sets of issues raised in the Collins v. Mnuchin case. Get The Full Seth Klarman Series […]

India-China Standoff Puts Pashmina Wool Industry in Jeopardy 

SRINAGAR, INDIA-CONTROLLED KASHMIR / LEH, INDIA —  A 17-month-old standoff between India and China in the Himalayan border region of Ladakh is imperiling the six-century-old Pashmina wool industry, which employs almost three-quarters of a million people, according to industry leaders. Soldiers from the two countries stood eye to eye in the disputed region for more […]

Do you remember when the Champlain…

Do you remember when the Champlain Towers South condominium building in Surfside collapsed last June? This catastrophic accident brought to light how structural flaws and overdue repairs can result in unspeakable tragedy. In places where high-rise condo living is the norm (like New York City), people began to wonder if their buildings are as safe […]