Married Tory MP has whip suspended after being caught in secret tape ‘sting’

A Tory MP who has been suspended from the party over sex and drugs allegations could have been targeted as part of a ‘sting’ operation, senior party sources have claimed. David Warburton, the MP for Somerset and Frome, is being investigated by the parliamentary harassment watchdog after a detailed series of images, audio recordings and […]

‘Fraud ready’ criminals may have stolen £37BILLION in Covid money

Fraudsters might have stolen as much as £37billion of Covid money from the public purse, experts say. The staggering sum, based on an analysis by academics from the University of Oxford, is vastly higher than previous estimates, and more than double the £16billion presented as a possibility to the Public Accounts Committee earlier this year. […]

Trump’s social media app misses another deadline as users report issues

Former President Trump’s social media app Truth Social remains unavailable for many, despite promises that it would be “fully operational” in the U.S. by yesterday. Why it matters: Trump fans flooded into a SPAC that agreed to take Truth Social public, and could lose their investments if the app doesn’t get its act together. The […]

Massive ship called Ever Forward is stuck in Chesapeake Bay

Despite two failed attempts to free it this week, a sister container ship to the Ever Given that got stuck in the Suez Canal last year has been lodged in the Chesapeake Bay for 21 days — and now cargo holders have to pay to help free it. Why it matters: The Ever Forward (yes, […]