Fringe D.C. Activists Now Claim They BURIED 110 Fetuses

An anti-abortion zealot under investigation after five fetuses were found inside her home last week debuted a bizarre explanation for the gruesome discovery on Tuesday: the fetuses, she claimed, were among over 100 others recovered at an abortion clinic in Washington. So far, only five fetuses have actually been recovered by police. And the story […]

3D Printed Skin Can Give Robotic Hands a Human Touch

In the 1970s, Masahiro Mori, then a robotics professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, made an unsettling hypothesis: The more lifelike a robot became, the more creepy humans would find it. This theory of the “uncanny valley” hasn’t stopped scientists from making humanoid robots (like Sophia, who at one point claimed she wanted to […]

Boeing’s New Air Force One Hit by Production Mishaps

Boeing Co. factory problems disrupted production of one of its new Air Force One planes earlier this year, adding to the manufacturer’s stumbles developing the U.S. presidential jets, people familiar with the matter said. The production mishaps, which involved a pair of attempts to place one of the two of jets under development onto jacks, […]