Rep. Ken Buck: House GOP Putting Twitter ‘on Notice’ About Musk’s Offer

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., told Newsmax on Friday that he and other House Republicans are putting Twitter ”on notice” to preserve all documents relating to Elon Musk’s attempt to buy the company so they can be reviewed at hearings once the party takes back the majority in the midterm elections. ”I think that what eventually Twitter […]

Aergility To Unveil Hybrid VTOL Cargo Drone

Rendering of ATLIS hybrid vertical takeoff and landing cargo drone. Aergility What’s shaping up to be a dogfight for a place in the burgeoning unmanned aircraft delivery industry is about to see the prototype for an innovative new combatant. On Monday, Aergility Corporation will take the wraps off the first full-size prototype of its ATLIS […]

Opioids More Likely To Kill Than Car Crashes Or Suicide [Infographic]

The advent of Covid-19 has added another deadly disease to the National Safety Council’s list of the things that are most likely to kill Americans, but another detail on the newest release of the report might even be more sobering. Somewhat overshadowed by the pandemic, overdose deaths have once again spiked in the United States, […]