Interest In Remote Work Is Up 556%: Here’s How To Find The Right Remote Job

Assess remote work opportunities for the best fit. getty Remote work is trending and recent high-profile communication from senior executives (Elon Musk’s letter is an example) is likely fueling increasing interest in remote work. The good news for those who prefer hybrid or remote work: Most companies are offering options for employees to work where […]

Imposter Syndrome Is Real: 5 Ways To Cope

Imposter syndrome can get in the way of happiness and fulfillment. getty Imposter syndrome—the sense that you’re not good enough even when you’re performing brilliantly—is a dynamic you’ve certainly heard of before, but new evidence suggests it’s even more widespread than previously thought. It’s important to understand imposter syndrome, because it can get in the […]

What’s behind the high gas prices? Three WVU experts talk to The Dominion Post

Jun. 12—MORGANTOWN — Gas and diesel prices are climbing daily. Along with the worry and frustration has come a lot of finger pointing Conservatives point to White House energy policies, saying President Biden is choking off domestic supply as part of his push for electric vehicles and green power. Biden and his supporters call it […]

Rebuilding France’s Left Is Also About Putting Workers in Parliament

The last month has marked a turning point in the French left’s history. After years of infighting, in May, the Greens, Socialists, and Communists joined forces with France Insoumise to form the Nouvelle Union Populaire écologique et sociale (NUPES). Thanks to this unprecedented agreement, these forces will be running joint candidates in each constituency in […]

The Underemployed European Parliament Is Angry at America’s Supreme Court

The European Union is wonderfully goofy. What other transnational government has three presidents? This has proved to be as ludicrous in practice as in theory. Years ago a planned visit by President Barack Obama triggered a vicious cat fight over who would shake his hand first and sit on his right. Obama ended up canceling […]

Cops bust 31 hate group members near LGBTQ pride event

A group of 31 men with ties to a white nationalist hate group were busted by Idaho police after they were found in the rear of a U-Haul van in the area of an LGBTQ Pride event in Coeur d’Alene on Saturday. “They came to riot downtown,” Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said at […]