Editor note: The Silent Partner Marketing, which as we explain later in this article has been “shut down” by Google, is also the home of the Law Enforcement Today studio, where we interview active and retired emergency responders, veterans and supporters from across the country.

EAST GRANBY, CT – Cancel Culture is relentless.  Anyone who has ever deigned to go against the “woke” grain, or merely posted something patriotic on social media, has undoubtedly felt the inexorable crush of Big Tech’s efforts to silence them.

Law Enforcement Today, as a patriotic, pro-police publication, is far from immune. Facebook and Twitter have both throttled our reach, permitting us to serve only a fraction of our loyal readers who connect with us on social media.

And Law Enforcement Today’s Executive Director, pro-police Christian conservative Kyle S. Reyes, most assuredly has a target on his back.

For instance, Reyes and LET’s founder, Captain Robert Greenberg, have both been permanently banned from LinkedIn.

Reyes is also CEO of a highly successful and widely respected marketing agency called The Silent Partner Marketing, located in East Granby, Connecticut.

Four years ago, Google permitted fake reviews to be left about the company after Reyes rolled out “The Snowflake Test” for potential hires.

This test asked a number of creative and insightful questions to help determine if an applicant was a good fit for the company’s unabashed patriotism, pro-police stance and conservatism.

Questions included:

  • What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?
  • What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?
  • Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered “controversial”?
  • How do you feel about police?
  • When was the last time you cried and why?

So popular was the test that it quickly went viral, and Reyes was invited to discuss it on Fox and Friends, Varney & Co., Risk & Reward, The Kennedy Show, Louder with Crowder, The Adam Carolla Show and countless others.  

The Silent Partner Marketing received an influx of over 10,000 applicants in one week, applicants eager to join a company that weeded out “snowflakes.”

Naturally, the “snowflakes” took offense, and Cancel Culture reared its ugly head, in part in the form of fake Google reviews on The Silent Partner Marketing — reviews which which Google permitted to stand.

These one-star reviews were obviously written by non-clients, who shared pathetic comments such as: “Terrible- I have a “moron test” for CEOs and Mr. Reyes passes with flying colors. I would never work for such a tool.”

Such reviews, averaged in, brought down The Silent Partner Marketing’s five star status, but Google refused to remove them.

The next blow came in 2020, when Google deemed a campaign to donate $500,000 in services to emergency responders to be “inappropriate content,” and accordingly, removed a post on the agency’s business page about the campaign.

Google’s latest antics?  Well, the organization next decided to list The Silent Partner Marketing as “permanently closed.”

No, really.

In the screenshot below, from January 3, 2022, you can see the prominent red bar stating “Permanently Closed.”  

Screenshot, The Silent Partner Google Business listing
Screenshot, The Silent Partner Google Business listing

In addition, Google has refused to update the company’s address to its new location in East Granby, despite multiple emails from Reyes seeking to update the information after purchasing a building.

Just for fun, I decided to take Google up on their offer to “Suggest an edit,” clicked on the hyperlink at the listing, and reported the business as open.

One quick refresh later, I got the message, “Success! Your edit is live.”  The “Permanently Closed” banner remained. 

The speed of response suggests, though does not prove, that no human reviewed or inquired into the suggested edit, indicating perhaps that the listing was designed to remain false on a permanent basis. 

Naturally, being listed as “Permanently Closed” caused considerable problems for Reyes and The Silent Partner Marketing.  Reyes received many calls from current and potential clients who were concerned that the agency had shut down.  Of course, it is also unknown how many potential clients were turned off by the closure lie.

Reyes attempted to resolve the problems with closure status and address update via email conversations, and he was told by Google that his business listing had violated — something:

“Hi Kyle S,

“Greetings from Google Business Profile Support. I hope you are doing well.

“This email is regarding your Business Profile “The Silent Partner Marketing“, 4 Creamery Brook, East Granby, CT 06026, the United States, where the business profile is not going live.

“I cannot tell you the exact violated policy, we reviewed your request and cannot reinstate your Business Profile on Google at this time. It continues to be in violation of the Google Business Profile Support quality guidelines.

You may go through this article about what types of businesses are eligible for a business profile on Google Maps. I would request you to create a new profile in order to maintain your online presence and visibility.

“I understand that this could not be the outcome you would have anticipated, however, we hope you understand that we are only abiding by set policies.”

Ironically, the same day that Google sent that email, a sales rep from the company reached out to Reyes about spending money for his clients on Google.

Reyes did not back down, and responded, in part:

“Google literally says my company is “permanently closed” despite the fact that I bought a building to move the company to.  And they refuse to fix it – clearly targeting my company because I’m a Christian Conservative.  If you really think I would spend another penny with you people, you’re out of your mind.

Further email conversations ensued between Reyes and a “Google Account Strategist”, who apparently had done no research into the situation when he wrote:

“I am sorry that you are currently facing issues with your business listing, is this for Google My Business? If so, can you provide more details on the business name and more details on the case? 

“I can assure you with confidence that this would not be based on a religious or political stance, let’s see how we can solve this together! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can repair our relationship.”

Undeterred, Reyes responded with the information requested, and a well-reasoned argument, saying:

“I provided proof of ownership, along with pictures of signage.  I’ve received multiple emails from Google saying they will not be changing things.  They – not my team – listed us as ‘permanently closed’.  It’s costing us business and significant revenue. 

They claim it’s because of a ‘policy violation’ – which is BS.  We haven’t changed anything besides our address in the nearly 10 years we’ve been in business.  

“Then, to add insult to injury, they’ve gone so far as to say they won’t tell us what ‘policy’ we allegedly violated.  So we’ve done nothing wrong and our listed as ‘permanently closed’ – yet marijuana dispensaries are allowed to be listed? 

Might I point out that marijuana is federally illegal still?  I’m sure you can understand my point on the hypocrisy.  We are a marketing agency.

“It’s the final insult from Google.  They allowed countless fake reviews about our agency to stay after we were featured on Fox and Friends.  Two years after, we were flagged for ‘inappropriate content’ because we listed our campaign to donate $500k in services to emergency responders.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Reyes then turned the attention to financial consequences and possible legal recourse, writing:

“It’s very clear that we’re being targeted for being a pro-police, Christian and conservative owned company.  There’s no other explanation that makes sense.  It’s not like they deleted our listing – they literally marked it as ‘permanently closed’ – meaning that everyone that looks us up now believes we are out of business.  

“At this point… candidly, I believe we have an extremely strong defamation of character and libel case that not only will an attorney love, but so will the media.  

“Google is intentionally and knowingly lying about our company with the sole intent of causing us financial hardship.”

Perhaps this email did the trick.

We may never know from Google the reason why, but suddenly, on January 4, 2022, The Silent Partner Marketing has been listed as “Open 24 hours,” as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot, The Silent Partner Marketing Google business listing, now open
Screenshot, The Silent Partner Marketing Google business listing, now open

Is that the end of the story?  Not by a long shot.

Now Reyes and his management team have been banned from accessing the Google business account for The Silent Partner Marketing.

Upon attempting to log in to update the address to the building he purchased, Reyes received this message on January 4 from Google, without explanation:

“Your access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines.”

Screenshot, banned from access to Google listing
Screenshot, banned from access to Google listing

As we know to expect, there is no indication given of what guidelines, exactly, the “profile” has violated.

Big Tech may be just that, “Big.”

But the hearts and minds of principled, unabashed Christian patriots are bigger.  Reyes will continue to fight for what is right, as he always has, with reasoned arguments and, when necessary, legal and financial consequences.

Please stay tuned to Law Enforcement Today for updates on Reyes’ continued battle against Cancel Culture.

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LET Unity

Four years later, Google removes post from business profile about $500k donation to police from marketing agency

Originally published October 25, 2020

Dear Google,

It’s time that we had a serious conversation. Gloves off, from one CEO to another.

Do your rules apply to everyone or just Conservatives? Are you aware that we, that includes Google, reside in the United States of America, and that we abide by this little thing called the Constitution?

Basically, it states that prohibiting freedom of speech and of the press violates America’s code of conduct. You should be familiar with that terminology, since you violate your own policies.

You see, on our Google Business page for the Silent Partner Marketing, I have a little message (on a four year old post) that reads:

“Your post has been removed from your Business Profile on Google because it contains inappropriate content.”

A new extreme: Google declares conservative, pro-police marketing agency "permanently closed" - refuses to change it

Inappropriate content? Really?

So, to be clear, a Thin Blue Line American flag is inappropriate?

A statement that says:

“Our agency is proud to support the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country. That’s why we’re in the middle of a campaign to donate $500,000.00 in services to first responders and veterans…we’re here to help tell the stories behind the uniforms.

“Don’t like it? You can kiss our patriotic asses. God Bless America.”

Let’s break this down so you can understand.

Law enforcement violates your policy because they serve and protect our great nation with pride. They willingly show up to your calls even though you’re the social justice slime of Big Tech, whether they want to or not.

Providing community services to those in need such as first responders and veterans isn’t an acceptable form of community service because they don’t fit your liberal agenda. So if they burn down cities, they would be considered a good population to serve?

Oh, and the big one, patriotism and a huge blunder on our part with the mention of God! Loving America and mentioning God is taboo because it doesn’t fit your agenda of Godlessness and bigotry.

Your policies list content that includes inciting violence and promoting hatred, none of which we have violated. Furthermore, we do not check the boxes for disparaging and sexually explicit content, pedophilia and we definitely don’t support terrorists. That one is your job.

Face it, you serve only one agenda and that’s the Democratic party. Without your scamming and cheating they wouldn’t stand a chance in our elections. Conservatives have long been a target of your deceit and hatred.

It all began with the 2016 election when you decided that Trump and his supporters were racists, supremacists and deplorables. Google helped censor information and continues to do so. Google decides what should be free for all to see and use.

Is that your way of saying “To hell with you America?”

Senator Cruz said it best:

“Big Tech has gotten really bad with censorship, manipulation, open political bias.”


You know what that says? Lie, cheat and steal. Your own whistleblower’s have exposed your meddling.

In the real world we call that hypocrisy, Google it sometime. Process that for a moment and admit that you despise Conservatives. You loathe everything we represent. We love America, our President, freedom, law enforcement, the military and law and order. We want our families and streets to be safe and free. We pray and kneel only to God.

Even though you blatantly violated America’s code of conduct, we the people have decided that we have had enough of your insolence. You’ve tried to cancel Conservatives, but we just got louder.

And now you think that flagging us is in violation of some bogus code that allows for criminals and terrorists to flourish; you think that we will stay silent? Hell No!

Google, you’re a disgrace. America might be burning because of your support for Antifa and BLM and your control of technology, but we know the truth. BLM has no place in our neighborhoods or destroying our businesses. The only place Antifa and BLM belong are in jail with all the other criminals.

Labeling these terrorists as peaceful protesters on Google doesn’t make their violence and hate legitimate. You describe BLM as advocating for non-violent protest. Really? When did burning businesses and attacking law enforcement fall into that category? Doesn’t that violate your policies?

Your policies state that you don’t allow for:

“Terrorist content. We do not permit terrorist organizations to use this service for any purpose, including recruitment. We also strictly prohibit content related to terrorism, such as content that promotes terrorist acts, incites violence, or celebrates terrorist attacks.

“If a user posts terrorism-related content for an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purpose, they should provide enough information, so viewers understand the context.”

Businesses that list support for Black Lives Matter are considered acceptable? Why aren’t they flagged? Here’s why, they fit your Liberal, hateful, bigoted agenda that uses terms like “murals” and “art” for defacement of property.

Violence is no longer ferocious when BLM does it, no it’s just social justice. BLM-supported businesses encourage the destruction of conservative businesses. They believe that peaceful protests are acceptable, especially when they engage in physical harm to others and get extra points for harming police officers. This is suitable content? You call this tolerance?

Peaceful conservative business owners are not burning cities and towns in America. But you have decided that they should suffer, because they believe in law and order, pray, support Donald Trump and own guns.

We embody true American values. Businesses are the backbone of America and you are helping to destroy us. By trashing conservatives, you show that you are the bigots. You are intolerant, hateful and vile. You claim to support tolerance and social justice and yet you violate your own terms and conditions because you don’t comprehend what any of this means.

Google has no concept of tolerance or acceptance. You destroy and support terrorists who seek to overthrow America, our values and our way of life. Tolerance and hypocrisy are exploited and spreads because of Google.

Google lies. You live in the land of make believe. You create lies and believe them so deeply that you’re convinced it is reality. Morals don’t exist in your world. You believe in the systematic destruction of all things conservative because you believe that conservatives are evil, when in fact, it is Google that is evil. Your despicable display of outright censorship and loathing for freedom and conservatives is hateful.

But now you have been caught. The American people and The Committee on the Judiciary U.S. House of Representatives isn’t having it anymore. Your bias, censorship and suppression of our voices has reached an end.

While you may think that your liberal bias is the correct view of the world and that you have the right to decide elections, content and opinions, you are wrong. America has had enough. Businesses have had enough. We know what you do, and we won’t stand for it anymore. America is stronger than you and our voices are louder than your censorship.

Our businesses won’t suffer any more because of you. Our opinions won’t be silenced. Law and order will be restored. America will stop burning and our police and military matter. Remember that. Conservatives have something to say and we will be heard.

God Bless America – and Google: kiss our patriotic asses!


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