A new integrated technology…

A new integrated technology platform has been launched to help accelerate patient access to prescribed cell and gene therapies.

The platform has been launched by healthcare solutions provider AmerisourceBergen and cellular orchestration solutions leader TrakCel. Besides accelerating patient access to cell and gene therapies, the platform also aims to deliver complete visibility throughout a patient’s treatment journey.

The new platform has integrated OCELLOS, TrakCel’s therapy orchestration platform, and Fusion, a customer relationship management and patient support ecosystem powered by AmerisourceBergen’s Lash.

The platform works by increasing connectivity between hub patient services and providers helping to expedite patient enrolment and support, and potentially helping patients start on therapies sooner. When a provider creates a patient account and captures enrolment information within OCELLOS, the data is then delivered to the patient hub, where Fusion can begin to determine a patient’s treatment eligibility through benefits verification.

If needed, a Lash Group coordinator will initiate benefits investigation and prior authorisation. Providers receive a near real-time response of the patient’s coverage determination in OCELLOS and can take the next steps to move the prescribed treatment process forward.

The new offering adds to AmerisourceBergen’s portfolio of services and solutions that support the needs of cell and gene therapy innovators, providers and patients throughout the product and treatment journey—from pre-clinical and commercial logistics to market access and reimbursement consulting and patient support services. 

“The fast-growing pipeline of cell and gene therapies represents immense hope for patients around the world, but their unique nature can pose challenges throughout the patient journey, such as eligibility and coverage barriers that can delay access to the treatment,” said Willis Chandler, president of Manufacturer Services and Commercial Solutions at AmerisourceBergen. “By combining the capabilities of Fusion and OCELLOS, we’re streamlining the path to care, improving speed-to-therapy and creating a heightened level of connectivity across the supply chain. This represents an important step in AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing commitment to build an end-to-end service offering that supports innovators in enhancing patient access to these critical therapies.”

“Ensuring that medicines are delivered efficiently and safely to patients is of utmost priority and progressing treatment pathways smoothy and quickly is critical both to successful treatment and to a good patient experience,” said Ravi Nalliah, chief product and strategy officer for TrakCel. “These goals can only be achieved if data is shared securely, accurately and in real-time.”


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