Aaron Rodgers Gives ‘Major F*ck’ About False Media Narratives

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers took a swipe at the media, including Boomer Esiason, for pushing the false rumor that he intends to boycott the Super Bowl if the Packers make it to the big game.

Esiason claimed to have a source who told him that Rodgers would threaten to boycott the big game if the league didn’t relax its coronavirus restrictions.

During his latest visit on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers blasted those pushing the boycott rumor. Esiason was the first to push the claim, and Rodgers sent a tweet ridiculing the former NFL player:

Rodgers also took shots at the rumor mongers on McAfee’s show.

“I’ve given a lot less f**ks the last couple years, but one thing I do give a major f**k about is narratives about me, especially ones that are so ridiculously off-base,” he told McAfee.

Rodgers went on to call the rumor the “dumbest sh*t” he’s ever “heard.”

Rodgers has been blasting the media and the COVID hysterics for months after being attacked over his refusal to take any of the vaccines.

Most recently, he slammed the critics, saying he does not care what they say.

“It really comes down to giving less fucks & that’s what I’ve tried to do the last couple years,” Rodgers told McAfee, adding, “there’s a lot of joy in being unapologetically yourself.”

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