Are you ‘phubbing’? Here’s how you may be self-sabotaging your relationship

  • Phubbing, or phone snubbing, involves ignoring someone in favor of paying attention to your phone.
  • Though it’s a common habit, experts caution it can ruin your in-person relationships.
  • Research has shown phubbing can lead to marital dissatisfaction and emotional distance.

Do you find yourself instinctively scrolling through your phone in the middle of a conversation? Or checking your email during a movie date? It’s called “phubbing”: the impolite habit when you ignore those in front of you in favor of your phone.

A portmanteau for “phone” and “snubbing,” phubbing is often instinctive and unintentional. Many people do it to stay connected with others, whether it’s through social media, texting or emailing, but it can have the opposite effect on those closest to you. 


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