Black abalone: Scratch programming language: Will learning #Python & #Scratch programming languages follow this FREE course ~ #CSFirst with

Scratch programming language: Will learning #Python & #Scratch programming languages follow this FREE course ~ #CSFirst with Google @WorldUnivAndSch – 2022 spring ~ inPLAYING WITH ROBOT BUILDING with #LegoSpikePrimeRobotics’ kit?

Scratch programming language: Will learning #Python & #Scratch programming languages follow this FREE course ~ #CSFirst with Google @WorldUnivAndSch – 2022 spring ~ inPLAYING WITH ROBOT BUILDING with #LegoSpikePrimeRobotics’ kit?


Computer Vision Use Cases for Transportation Sector in 2022

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Home schooling thinking (ahead of having a family)

Scott MacLeod <>

Thu, Jan 6, 3:07 PM (22 hours ago)

to Janie, Ed, Pin, Claudia, Larry, Joan, John, Ann, Alden, Sandy

Ma, Ed, All, 

Happy New Year – – and how are you?

Ongoing seeking of a life partner and to begin a family. Seeking a friend who might be a MD, re caring and smarts, potentially … Pretty too … as I continue to wonder where I’ll live later this spring, and after the lease here north of Berkeley is up. And were I to have a house, I think, I might be able to attract a life partner in a way that not having a house could have precluded. Seeking to meet and connect with a friend & MD (caring, smart potentially) could lead to a high quality of relationship, but not necessarily that much time for her … ‘Putting’ her through medical school – like you did with Dad in a way, Ma (I think, since I wasn’t born yet) – could work too. (I appreciate what I learned from you, Ma, over Xmas regarding how your mother came to Unitarians, from Episcopalians, re that minister who asked her to say certain things, as I understand what you said). But meeting a WONDERFUL friend with whom to begin a family could be great (quality-wise too esp) – and then having enough time and resources to grow a family together re school, and shaping the community in which we’re raising kids (am not sure about Canyon in some of these regards), could be wise.

If a house in beautiful Canyon is in the works, then strategies for your grandkids could have much merit. I wonder what role homeschooling could play too regarding my concerns about the Canyon school. I’m posting some videos below about doing this from the Google platform for reference. If I were to somehow begin a family living in Canyon, and things didn’t work out, I think it could be sensibly strategic to think about moving out after 5 years, for example. But living in Canyon could also be like living in a Botanical Garden … and it can be very beautiful. I’ve lived there ‘solo’  for years, however, and wonder what social developments will emerge in the culture and community, if I do find a wonderful friend with whom I connect, and wish to live with, and to begin a family especially. 

Meditation now and there too could help much. 🙂 (Could also Kaiser Permanente health organization and medical MD thinking there help, I wonder)

Love, and abolition-ally, Scott


‘google and homeschooling’

How I use Google Classroom in Our Homeschool | Gather Round Homeschool | Quick and Simple Tutorial

DIY a Homeschool Virtual School with Google

There are quite a few of these resources, and the non-Epidemic coronavirus may have helped shape a whole new possibilities regarding safety of raising a family in a place that may be getting ‘cleaned up’ … but which is also an old intergenerational community and culture too.


– Scott GK MacLeod  

Founder, President, CEO & Professor

World Univ & Sch (WUaS) – PO Box 442, Canyon, CA 94516 

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Scott MacLeod

7:20 AM (6 hours ago)
to JanieEdPinClaudiaLarryJoanJohnAnnAldenSandy
Ma, All, 

Allure of the cold plunge after the Harbin warm pool? … Is this refered to here from Jane Metcalfe and George Church of the Harvard Medical School … 

” … Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter featuring some of our favorite experts’ 2022 predictions about genetics, neuroscience, longevity, synthetic biology, and the future of food.”
It’s not your fault, bro. It’s her neurons.
Two otherwise identical female mice can exhibit remarkably different dispositions when courted by male mice, according to researchers at Caltech, and that difference can be traced to a small set of neurons in the brain. Female virgins are generally gung-ho to mate, and they respond favorably to even the most clumsy fumbling of their “brodent” counterparts. But once female mice give birth and are lactating, they reject even the most suave murine mates and aggressively turn on them with violent attacks. This behavior is controlled by two different neurons in the female brains’ hypothalamus, the scientists showed, which change their responsiveness to social cues during the transition from virginity to maternity. We’re guessing some new human fathers can relate. Neuron

The genetic basis of human fingerprints
Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, and the University of Edinburgh have uncovered the genetic basis of human fingerprints—identifying specific genes involved in limb development that give our fingertips at birth those characteristic arcs, loops, and whorls that remain unique and unchanged across our lives. Performing a genome-wide association study of 9,909 ethnic Han Chinese individuals and a large-scale meta-analysis of more than 23,000 people of European ancestry, they uncovered dozens of genomic regions associated with fingerprint patterns. Cell

Am glad World Univ Sch is now offering free-to-students’ CS FIRST with Google at World University and School – 
… and re home school too 🙂 In this course we can learn the Scratch programming language … Will learning Python and Scratch programming languages follow this course with PLAYING WITH ROBOT BUILDING in Lego Spike Prime Robotics’ kit … For home school … In the spring? 🙂
Warmly, Scotty
See /programming and /genes’ labels too

– Scott GK MacLeod  
Founder, President, CEO & Professor
World Univ & Sch (WUaS) – PO Box 442, Canyon, CA 94516 

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Jane MacLeod

8:18 AM (5 hours ago)
HI Scott,

The ‘icloud’ or whatever it’s called was out of commission yesterday – its working again.  I spoke to ‘Applecare’ yesterday and learned it was a systemwide failure.  I was much relieved to find it functioning again this morning.  So e-mailing in both directions is up and running as usual.  And I’ll always check my ’trash’ to make sure one of yours doesn’t end up there. 

The weather here is something like 16 degrees, windy and with about two inches of snow.  Pretty but slippery.

Covid is apparently very active here, so meetings in person that were being allowed to occur for the past several months, are now being cancelled again.  One such, the technology committee, which meets weekly on Fridays to help people like me with computers and Iphones, has had to cancel.   But I just keep adding to my list of questions; meanwhile everything is working fine.

Hope you’re having a good week.

Love, Ma


Scott MacLeod

8:20 AM (5 hours ago)
Yay, Ma!

Love, Scott


Scott MacLeod

10:20 AM (3 hours ago)
An ongoing list of your technology questions for the tech committee is very sensible idea, Ma – no specific further helpful Apps or tech come to mind for this (besides an email thread:) in these regards now … but glad you’ve got a little tech school going on Friday mornings … would they possibly be able to answer Lego Robotics’ play questions, or questions about the programming languages’ Scratch or Python? 🙂

Love, (and abolition-ally, and Covid ‘virus’-wise, as meme), 

– Scott GK MacLeod  
Founder, President, CEO & Professor
World Univ & Sch (WUaS) – PO Box 442, Canyon, CA 94516 

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Ancestry .com –  Upcoming changes to your pricing with 25% increase per month, and I don’t use it (appreciating free WikiTree – and in planning for a single family tree, regarding WUaS planning for coding for all 7.9 billion people’s genomes, each a Wikidata Pin #)

Scott MacLeod

Sun, Jan 2, 10:07 PM (5 days ago)

How are you?
How was your New Year?
ANCESTRY is raising their prices 25 % (to $24..95/month) and I don’t use my subscription basically, and don’t see editing my genome there yet. Any tips for stopping my subscription, and then possibly beginning it again if they were to offer more of what I might be interested in?
Friendly regards,
Minutes for WUaS 12/18/21
Season’s greetings to you too –
SGKMacLeod family history ~


Mark MacLeod

Mon, Jan 3, 2:03 AM (4 days ago)
We are all doing well, currently in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Claire and Kenneth traveled from the UK to St. John’s where Kyle lives. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks here but we are all leaving today. It was a great Christmas and New Years with the whole family, despite COVID.
I think it is safe to say that Ancestry will never allow gene editing. I suggest you log on to Ancestry and cancel your membership. Your tree will not go away unless you delete it. I suggest not deleting it but leave it as a reference for others.
As I continue my research, evidence shows that we descend from the MacLeods of Lewis, specifically the family of the 1st chief of Lewis Torquil MacLeod, b.c. 1320. Somewhere around 1650-1700 our MacLeod ancestor settled in Raasay.
All the best,

Scott MacLeod

Jan 6, 2022, 2:05 PM (23 hours ago)

Thanks so much, and glad you and your family had a good Christmas and New Year! It was good to fly east to Pittsburgh, and see my mother and brother (and it may have been the first time Sandy has been home for Xmas in 10 or 15 years – and that I’ve seen him then and there!)
I just canceled my Ancestry subscription, and thanks for the suggestions.
It would be nice to see you again possibly this summer, but I don’t know what my plans are for heading east yet. Would you have any interest in coming to visit Cuttyhunk at some point? I think you’d enjoy the visit, and it would be great if you would like to spend a night or two – possibly in July or August? 
Plans are taking shape, a little ambiguously, about moving on from this ‘safe house’ I’m living in, when the lease is up at the end of March, and possibly moving back into Canyon 94516, where World Univ & Sch and the WUaS Corporation are based. (And the WUaS Corp received and paid its first tax bill for 2018, 2019 and 2020 at the end of last year – and that amount curiously could be read as my father’s birthday – $2,930.98 – this could be rewritten as my father’s GKM MD’s birthday, 1929 30th January, if one rounds up the 98 cents . . . Go figure … … but am not clear what the next steps ahead are for WUaS. Am now looking into applying for a National Science Foundation (NSF grant for WUaS, and germinating a research question. 
Hoping you’re enjoying your beautiful new house in Portland, and please say hi to your family for me. Hoping too you’re finding fascinating new evidence into our MacLeod family history. Perhaps we can all be conversing with our ancestors in Avatar Bot – so talk with Torquil? – form from our genes, if, for example, the NSF grant proposal idea bears fruit. Thinking about your Friendly father from time to time, and missing him, and you as well. Until soon I hope!
All the best, Scott


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