ask ourselves why shareholder profits are more important than living wages for the workers, without whom there would be NO profits.

The rich greed-head oligarchs make the laws, of course, but it would be really nice to see EVERY SINGLE SUPERMARKET WORKER go on general strike in sympathy. Oh, whoops! That would be against the Taft-Hartley Act, which prohibits ‘solidarity strikes.’ Gosh, we sure wouldn’t want those in these last days of end-stage capitalism!

Say, how come business interests can hold profits over people in solidarity with each other, but workers can’t? Just asking.

And WHY does corporate profit have to be considered more important than workers, the environment, and even human life?

Because don’t kid yourselves – it is. Profit is king and workers are nothing. Consumers are nothing. The environment is nothing.

That mentality is why we have such a sucky healthcare system – because it is monetized, for God’s sake.

By the way, concerning Kroger – when the sociopath CEO Rodney McMullen ‘earned’ over $22 million last year, but 1 in 7 Kroger workers have gone hungry, THAT IS FUCKED UP. It is wrong. It is immoral. There’s around 800 people in DC who call the shots, and IF THEY WANTED TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND FORCE CHANGES TO CORPORATE CHARTERS SO THE INTERESTS OF WORKERS ARE COEQUAL WITH SHAREHOLDERS, THEY COULD. RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

Please, all of you, honor the picket lines – don’t cross them. Shop elsewhere. Yeah I know it is inconvenient. But do. And stick up for Kroger strikers on places like Next Door, Facebook, and Twitter. Go all out. I’m sick of fucking profit over people corporate sociopathic greed. It is the root cause of what is wrong with this country. Aren’t you?


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