‘Woke’ hiring: Endorsing Trump is top reason for job rejection

The business world’s discrimination against anything “Trump” has reached an epidemic level, touching former aides to the president, anybody pictured near the Jan. 6 Capitol protest, and now those who endorsed him on social media posts. A new survey of hiring managers provided to Secrets found that backing Trump on social media is the top […]

Woke Corporations Try To Blackmail Georgia For Passing Mild Election Security Reforms

Activist groups around the country are pressuring corporations, businesses, and sports leagues to boycott the state of Georgia after Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed select election reforms into law. Sporting leagues such as Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour are some of the main targets of the leftist-led pressure campaign to oppose the state’s […]

Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Miss Piggy, and TheirEnemies

The Cat in the Hat, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, and Fox in Socks currently rank as the top-five best-sellers on Amazon. How to interpret this other than the culture flashing a middle finger to cancel culture? National Read Across America Day, first […]

Rights Groups Urge World Leaders To Boycott BeijingOlympics

A coalition of campaign groups issued an open letter Wednesday calling on world leaders to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics over China’s rights record. The Games are scheduled to begin on February 4 next year, just six months after the delayed summer Tokyo Olympics, but preparations have been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. China […]

The Great Oval Office Churchill Bust Swap

Since 2009, every change of presidents has been accompanied by a great furor and scurry among the punditry over whose busts are in the Oval Office. The greatest controversy involves Sir Winston Churchill — of which more anon. Let’s first list the sculpture President Biden has installed, and those items formerly displayed by President Trump. […]

Texas Power Retailer That Charged Clients Thousands During Freeze Hit With $1 Billion

In the aftermath of an unprecedented winter storm that left millions of Texas residents without access to power for several days, one of the state’s largest electricity retailer is facing a class-action lawsuit that seeks roughly $1 billion to compensate customers affected by surging prices that came alongside the inclement weather. Lisa Khoury is the […]

Saving Washington’s Birthday | Opinion

It was only a matter of time before cancel culture scored a hit in its fight to eliminate the Founders from our collective memory. On Tuesday, the San Francisco board of education, by a vote of six to one, opted to rename more than 40 schools named for historic figures whose lives can no longer […]

Cancel Culture Has an Anti-Semitism Problem | Opinion

We talk about cancel culture a lot. We talk less about the double standard when it comes to Jews. But that’s a big part of the story, and a part that erupted on Wednesday when Nathan Robinson, a columnist for the Guardian and editor-in-chief of the magazine Current Affairs, claimed his Guardian column was canceled […]

MyPillow Soars Despite Boycotts

Customers who would have bought his products from stores that dropped them over his support of President Donald Trump and his claims of election fraud now can order directly from him, Lindell explained.