Tool for police reform rarely used by local prosecutors

SEATTLE (AP) — Isaiah Obet was behaving erratically and in mental distress in 2017 when Officer Jeff Nelson ordered his police dog to attack and then shot Obet in the torso. Obet fell to the ground and Nelson fired again, fatally shooting Obet in the head. The officer said his life was in danger. The […]

Coast Guard had earlier notice about California oil spill

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — The Coast Guard received multiple reports of a possible fuel spill off the Southern California coast earlier than previously disclosed and asked local authorities to investigate about 15 hours before its own personnel confirmed a large oil slick, which came from a leaking undersea pipeline, records show. The initial reports […]

United Kingdom wrestles with online anonymity in wake of lawmaker’s killing

LONDON — British ministers are facing growing calls to clamp down on online anonymity after the shocking killing of an MP. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. In the aftermath of the fatal stabbing of Tory MP David Amess last Friday as he met constituents, there’s been a renewed push from some of […]

CFPB orders prison banker to pay $6 million for charging inmates ‘unfair’ fees

JPay, a Florida-based company owned by the private equity firm Platinum Equity Partners, is a dominant provider of financial services to prisons, jails and inmates. The company provides former inmates with debit cards as they leave prison. The cards typically contain money that was seized when the former inmates were locked up, earnings from prison […]

European Union fears losing clout as vaccine donations lag

Press play to listen to this article Senior officials are warning the EU will fall far short of its promised coronavirus vaccine donations to poorer countries, risking both the spread of new deadly variants and a loss of geopolitical clout. Driven by the recognition that the coronavirus pandemic can only be defeated if all countries […]

What it’s like to watch a harpooned whale die right before your eyes

This excerpt is from Death of a Whale, by Captain Paul Watson (GroundSwell Books, 2021). This web adaptation was produced by GroundSwell Books in partnership with Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. In 1975, Robert Hunter and I were the first people to physically block a harpooner’s line of […]

Trump’s pretend presidency is losing power — and he knows it

Donald Trump on Monday filed a lawsuit against Congress and the National Archives over turning over documents related to his actions and communications surrounding the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. The suit reads like a tantrum from a man just now realizing he’s no longer in control of the executive branch.  Trump has […]