Aaron Klein: Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott ‘Wokeness Gone Insane’

Aaron Klein, senior adviser to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, denounced ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Israel as “wokeness gone insane” on John Batchelor’s CBS Radio show this week. On Monday, Ben & Jerry’s announced its plans to end sales in what it termed the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” According to Klein, the Boycott Divestment and […]

ACLU Targets Arkansas in Latest Nationwide Attack on Abortion Bans

A U.S. district judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked an Arkansas law that banned nearly all abortions from going into effect, allowing an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood lawsuit to proceed against it. The lawsuit represents the latest in a series of actions that the ACLU and other organizations are taking against states […]

Catholic School Says Mask Mandates ‘Cover God’s Image,’ Violate Religious Liberty In Lawsuit

A federal appeals court heard a case Wednesday regarding a Michigan Catholic school’s lawsuit arguing that mask mandates violate religious liberty. The Resurrection School in Lansing filed a lawsuit in October, 2020, against Michigan’s Department of Health, Attorney General Office, the Health Officer of Ingham County and the county’s Prosecuting Attorney over the state’s mask […]

Washington Post Reporter Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Paper

Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez filed a lawsuit Thursday against the paper and a handful of its senior leaders, alleging that they unfairly discriminated against her. Sonmez, a national politics reporter, claimed in the lawsuit that senior leaders at the Washington Post banned her from covering topics related to sexual misconduct after she publicly revealed […]

Twilight of the Free Press, Thanks to the Left

When Jen “Circleback Girl” Psaki announced, to the astonishment of half the country, that the White House was going to flag social media posts for deletion based on whether or not those posts fit the official COVID narrative, on its face the statement was objectionable enough. One can conjure countless scenarios of Sarah Sanders or […]