Charles Barkley Compares Being Successful To Being The Homecoming Queen, Says ‘All The Ugly B*tches Hate You’

Charles Barkley recently dropped a quote for the ages about being successful.

The former basketball star has become a massive hit on TV working as an NBA pundit for TNT, but he wants people to know the journey to the top of the mountain includes lots of enemies! (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“Being successful is like being the homecoming queen. All the ugly bitches hate you. That’s the truth of the matter. When you’re successful, you’re going to have built in enemies and then the more successful you become, the more enemies come at you,” Barkley said during a Thursday interview with Pat McAfee.

The former Phoenix Suns forward also explained that he’s not on social media because there’s no upside to arguing with people. You can listen to his full comments below.

Per usual, Barkley is 100% correct. Losers and people who aren’t successful love to see people striving for greatness fail.

They know they’re not capable of pulling off anything great and that’s why they cheer like hell against people who are crushing it.

It’s sad, but it’s the truth. As I was told at a young age, there’s a reason the loudest boos come from the cheapest seats. If the people chirping Barkley had any talent, they’d do what he does. Instead, they don’t and they just want to throw mud.

I am in complete and total agreement about jealous people wanting to drag others down. You just can’t get involved with that nonsense. Let the losers chirp and pout by themselves. Just keep doing you.

Secondly, this is another prime example of why Charles Barkley is the man. He didn’t even attempt to finesse his message.

He just straight up said being successful means the “ugly b*tches” aren’t going to be fans. He’s not wrong!

Never change, Chuck! Never change!


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