Gilgo Beach Killings: 911 Calls Released in Case

On Friday, the Suffolk County Police Department released 911 calls related to the Gilgo Beach killings in which Shannan Gilbert, an escort from New Jersey, was heard pleading for help the night she disappeared on Long Island in 2010.

“Somebody’s after me,” Gilbert can be heard saying to the 911 dispatcher during the first two minutes of the 22-minute call made on May 1, 2010 at 4:51 a.m.

Gilbert made the call after she reportedly met with a client, Joseph Brewer, at his house in Oak Beach, a residential community close to Gilgo Beach, NBC New York reported. The recording consists of two calls; the first was taken by a local 911 dispatcher who then transferred Gilbert’s call to a New York State Police dispatcher.

The recordings were shared as part of the continuing investigation of the Gilgo Beach case, which involved multiple killings 12 years ago, the news outlet reported. Gilbert’s disappearance led to the development of the case as police officers searching for Gilbert discovered the body of Melissa Barthelemy, one of the Gilgo Beach victims. Suffolk County officials have said they do not believe Gilbert’s case is connected to the other victims.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison has vowed transparency in the investigation since he was appointed in December 2021. He said at the time that he “will not rest” until the “Gilgo Beach Killer ”, also known as the “Long Island Serial Killer” and the “Craigslist Ripper,” is brought to justice.

“I want to make a commitment to the residents of Suffolk County as well as the family members,” Harrison said, according to Newsday. “We will not rest until we bring those accountable to justice.”

The Long Island Serial Killer is believed to have killed 10-16 people from 1996 to 2010. The remains of four victims connected to the case were found within a quarter-mile of each other on Gilgo Beach in Suffolk County.

Meanwhile, authorities described the dialogue in the calls released Friday as disordered in which Gilbert was coherent at times, but seemed to slur words at other times during the calls.

There were also moments where she didn’t respond to questions asked by the dispatcher who tried to locate her, and other moments, towards the end of the call, where she was heard screaming.

The 24-year-old repeatedly said the phrase “somebody’s after me” three more times to the New York State Police dispatcher, the audio revealed.

The dispatcher asked twice about Gilbert’s location, but both times, the 24-year-old said she didn’t know and asked whether her call could be traced. The dispatcher said she can’t trace the call.

“Please. There’s somebody after me,” Gilbert responded.

During some parts of the call, a man’s voice can be heard in the background, but the words he was saying were unclear. However, Gilbert can be heard saying “please stop” a few times.

Later on during the call, Gilbert can be heard breathing heavily along with the voice of a man, as the dispatcher at one point says “Hello” a few times as she tries to confirm Gilbert’s location. The New Jersey woman’s skeletal remains were found in December 2011 near Oak Beach.

Gilgo Beach Murders: 911 Calls Released
The Suffolk County Police Department on Friday released 911 calls related to the Gilgo Beach murders in which New Jersey escort, Shannan Gilbert, was pleading for help before she disappeared on Long Island in 2010.

Families of victims, who were found dead on the stretch of Ocean Parkway in 2010 during the search for Gilbert, have long waited for the release of those calls. Gilbert family attorney John Ray has sought the release of the 911 recordings for over a decade.

Harrison said in December 2021 that the 911 calls related to the case will be released to the public as long as it doesn’t negatively impact ongoing investigations.

“There’s a commitment, a relentless pursuit to identify the individuals and bring them to justice,” Harrison said at the time. “That’s for the family members to hear, to let them know that we will not rest, and we will make sure we do everything we have to do to hold them accountable.”



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