GOP Rep. Turner vows to ‘get to the truth’ after Durham reports Democrat-linked spying on Trump

Rep. Michael Turner, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that congressional Republicans would take action following the release of an explosive court filing on alleged Democrat-linked spying on the Trump Tower and the White House.

“We have to get to the truth. This is a threat to our democracy itself,” said Mr. Turner on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” “It doesn’t matter really which political campaign this is or which political party this is. This is so wrong, and allegations of such a level of illegal activity that goes directly to our faith in our own government, that the truth must be found.”

Mr. Turner, who’s in line to head the committee if Republicans retake the House in November, referred to the Friday filing by special counsel John Durham alleging that a Clinton campaign lawyer paid a tech company to hack servers at Trump Tower and the White House.

“We will certainly use every tool that we have on the Intelligence Committee, [Rep.] Jim Jordan on the Judiciary Committee, every aspect of congressional power to get to the bottom of this,” said Mr. Turner.

At the same time, he said “there is accountability as these criminal cases move forward,” referring to Mr. Durham’s prosecution of former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman, who has been charged with lying to a federal agent. He has pleaded not guilty.

“The pleading set out that Durham has evidence of compromising of computer systems in an attempt to try to basically frame the president of the United States as having Russia ties,” said Mr. Turner.

The Ohio Republican said the allegations went far beyond the “political shenanigans or opposition research that you would see in the normal campaigns where people are trying to find information about their opponents.”

“This is where government is being used, where information that’s political opposition research that is false, is being made up, is trying to be placed into the government, into the FBI, to undertake criminal investigations that are absolutely false,” he said. “This is a whole new level of corruption and is of grave concern.”

The House Intelligence Committee is now headed by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who has insisted that there is “direct evidence” that Mr. Trump colluded with Russia, while Republicans have accused him of pushing a debunked conspiracy theory.


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