JCN’s Ortiz: ‘Political Activists,’ ‘Woke Culture’ Pressured MLB to Move the ASG from Georgia

Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz sounded off on Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s new voter laws.

The Job Creators Network estimates the move will “cost upwards of $100 million of economic damages” to the state,” including many minority-owned businesses.

Ahead of his small business group’s lawsuit against the league, Ortiz slammed “political activists” and “woke culture” for pressuring MLB to have the game moved so swiftly. He told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that his organization is calling for the game to get moved back to Atlanta or have a relief fund for the small businesses affected by the decision.

“Political activists, Maria, definitely pressured Major League Baseball, and in conjunction, again, with the players’ association, they made the decision to move it,” Ortiz lamented. “But look, it was literally this woke culture, this cancel culture, that really [Rob] Manfred bowed to and gave in to, and I’m not even sure if he necessarily even read the full law and the context of it because in four days he made the decision. But we all know that that law actually helped the state of Georgia, and when you look at … Colorado, the laws there are actually even more stringent than they were complaining about in the state of Georgia.”

“[T]hese, again, are real damages based on lies, and that’s what we want people to understand — that there are true consequences when you give in to this woke culture and this cancel culture, and our small businesses in the state of Georgia were definitely hurt,” he continued. “And again, these were blood, sweat and tears, the American dream, you know, so many of these businesses were looking forward to it. So, we want people to understand the hurt and economic impact that really was brought out by this just complete misunderstanding and giving into lies. I mean, even the Washington Post gave President Biden four Pinocchios for his comments on this particular move. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy.”

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