Our Methodology

Our Hippo Rank and Hippo Scale methodology is an attempt to provide a factual, non-partisan, non-biased evaluation of the political leaning or inclination for companies in our list.

We have started our research focusing on the Fortune 100 companies in the United States, and will continue our research through the Fortune 500 companies for 2020.

We have established 9 evaluation factors, or criterium that is used as the basis for our ranking and are the core variables for our formula.

The some of the key factors evaluated includes recent political activities or stances taken by the company towards a party with opposing views; evaluation of the company’s political lobbying and donations, support to activist groups, Executive level political lobbying and other demographic factors related to the company’s target market.

We also strive to provide the source of any incident and actions recorded in our list for cross referencing and for your own analysis of the information we are providing.

The Hypocrilist is meant to be an aggregator of facts, information, and news related to how politics affects the top companies in the US, and vice versa.

We hope you find our research valuable.

Hippo Scores 56.3

Hippo Scores are the main indicators of the company’s political leaning and a summary of their actions.

The scores range from -100 to 100, where a score of 0 indicates a company with a “center” political stance, and -100 being the most “Left Leaning” and 100 indicating the most “Right Leaning” company.

Some companies that are still under research do not have a score associated with them, but they may be listed due a recorded action or a “Hippo Sighting” event that is under evaluation.

Hippo Sighting’s are a way for the community provide us with leads and information of political actions by companies that affect the free-market economy.  We will review the sighing reports and publish the entries on list once we validate the information.

For any inquiries, please contact our team at contact@hypocrilist.com

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