Mike Leach Says He Still Wants His Money From Texas Tech Ahead Of Bowl Game

Mike Leach hasn’t forgotten about his beef with Texas Tech ahead of the Liberty Bowl.

Leach was fired a day before Texas Tech owed him a $800,000 bonus back in 2009, and the entire situation revolved around allegations he mistreated Craig James’ son while he had a concussion. The claims against Leach are widely-viewed as not authentic, and the MSU coach has never let the fact he was fired go.

Texas Tech has also never returned to the levels they were winning when Leach was running the program.

Ahead of the Liberty Bowl between the Red Raiders and Bulldogs, Leach told the media Texas Tech might “deliver the check” because “they still still owe me for 2009.”

You can watch his full comments below.

As someone who loves a great feud and as someone who is a massive fan of Mike Leach, I love the fact he still hasn’t let the Texas Tech firing go, even though it happened more than a decade ago.

The man wants his money from Texas Tech, and he’s not going to be silent about the situation until he gets it! I respect it.

I definitely respect it!

Also, don’t think for a second that Leach doesn’t want to beat the living hell out of the Red Raiders to get some revenge.

If Leach has it his way, he’ll try to drop 100 on Texas Tech. He’s been feuding with the program since late 2009 and he now gets a shot to run up the score.

You’re crazy if you don’t think he’ll try to pour it on.

You can catch the Liberty Bowl December 28, and I have no doubt it’ll be worth watching.


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