REVIEW: Season Three Of ‘Succession’ Was Awesome

Season three of “Succession” was outstanding.

I banged out the season three finale Monday night after missing it when it aired Sunday on HBO, but despite being a bit late to the party, I still loved it! (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

I dived into “Succession” during the coronavirus pandemic, and immediately fell in love with the Roy family. Did I love them for all the wrong reasons?

Of course. They’re all terrible people with no real values or morals outside of power. From Logan all the way down to Roman, they’re all awful people, but that’s what makes them so great.

The only exception is Greg, and his character solely exists to provide some humor and to show just how bad the rest of the family is.

With the fate of Waystar RoyCo very much up in the air in season three and Kendall seemingly hellbent on self-destruction, fans were taken for one hell of a ride.

Without spoiling anything, there is a massive betrayal in the closing moments of season three and it sets some incredible stakes for season four.

Here’s what I will say about the betrayal. Shiv is by far and away the most unbearable character in my mind, and I didn’t exactly shed any tears in the final five minutes of the show.

Catch it all on HBO Max if you need to catch up. It’s a great series!


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