Taiwan still hopping mad about Taekwondo disqualification

You know something is a big deal when the Taiwan Apple Daily people asks for a story to be dubbed and subbed into English so that they can stick it on their Mandarin language site! They even told me to try and sound extra OUTRAGED! in my voiceover.

People in Taiwan really are full of outrage about this and are determined to tell their side of the story. Now many non-Taiwanese might ask what the big deal is. Sure, it sucks for the athlete, but why is this the top news in Taiwan two days running? I think our Facebook Fan “Gerard Fullsack” put it best when he said “well, the american equivalent would be if the giants went to the world series, and got disqualified for using the wrong baseball bat, or baseball.” That’s exactly right…except Yang Shu-chun passed equipment inspection and wasn’t even wearing the supposedly problematic sensors on her heels when the match began. And as nma.tv commenter “JY” put it, “WTF, WTF?”

As for the conspiracy theory that Chinese and Korean officials were in cahoots…erm, let’s not even go there. The government of Taiwan is “mulling a complaint.” Taiwanese nerds have hacked the Asian Taekwondo Union website. According to a poll conducted by the Apple Daily, 80 percent of Taiwanese are in support of a boycott of stuff from Korea. This is including the Korean soap operas, people, so you know we’re really mad.

Taiwan still hopping mad about Taekwondo disqualification


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