The best 2022 planners to keep you organized and ready for the New Year

While I’m excited for the holidays and to give some of the best gifts to my loved ones this year, I’m even more excited for the start of 2022.

Sure, we’re all trying to get past the hustle and bustle tempo. But there’s something about a clean slate, a fresh wardrobe, new goals and a set plan that ignites the fire in everyone’s bellies.

For anyone that knows me, I thrive on organization. I have my planner, notebook and gratitude journal on my desk at all times, organize my lipsticks from nudes to reds and geek out on color-coded Google Calendars.

Not to mention, sitting down with a lo-fi playlist and getting things in order (with a coffee on standby, of course) just sounds perfect.

To help you kickstart your New Year’s refresh, I narrowed down the best 2022 planners to buy that works best for you. Emphasis on what works best for you — after using many planners throughout high school, college and beyond, I’ve found that daily planners can be just as useful (depending on the layout) and pastel highlighters make a world of difference.

Tapping into every price point, design and size, here are the best 2022 planners you should order ASAP before January 1. Plus, some mentions include personal testing notes after using them annually.

Best daily undated planner: Papier Day Planner, $24.64 (originally $26.99)

Papier Weekly Desk Planner

If I want to stay on track, I truthfully couldn’t do it without Papier. As its self-proclaimed No. 1 fan (check out my desk if you don’t believe me), the Day Planner is one of my favorites, notably for its all-in-one hub for jotting down your hourly to-do list, your top three priorities and most important tasks, your shopping list and habit tracker.

Plus, there’s a generous amount of room to take notes, if needed, so no need for a planner and a notebook (though Papier’s notebooks are too cute to pass up).

Day Designer 2022 Daily Planner

I’ve used the trusty black-and-white Day Designer as everyone raves about the classic spiralbound. If you simply want to focus on an hour-by-hour spread, this brand is for you.

You can select from 2022 daily planners, 2022 weekly planners and mini daily and mini weekly selections to toss into your tote bag for work.

Papier 2022 Planner

I’ve been loving Papier’s 2022 Planner as an aesthetically pleasing hardcover option to store all my work assignments and social events. And, they’re not just pretty — they’re practical, too.

Aside from your typical monthly and weekly spread, these yearly agendas have a monthly note page and a four-sectioned goal grid to highlight monthly goals, a master to-do list, important dates and a wishlist.

That said, I enjoy that grid during the month to remind myself of my goals and priorities.

Erin Condren A5 Budget Planner

If sticking to a concise budget is one of your New Year’s resolutions, Erin Condren’s A5 Budget Planner is for you.

It’s the most compact yet detailed spiralbound we’ve seen, featuring a savings tracker spread, 72 pages of month-at-a-glance with a spending summary and four pages to track any accrued debt.

It’s essential for tracking your finances, to say the least.

Lily Pulitzer 2021-2022 Large Agenda

Meet the planners I used all throughout high school. In a Southern-inspired Lilly Pulitzer Print, these 2021-2022 Large Agendas are complete with packing lists and fun tropical stickers that still have ample room to fill out your responsibilities. But, it’s more traveler-minded.

Moleskine Classic 12-Month 2022 Weekly Planner

Keep it simple with Moleskin’s smooth-textured planners. Offering a 12-month weekly spread on sturdy pages, it’s a compact option to take with you everywhere. And, is a basic option if you just want a flip-through planner that just offers you divided jot-down room for each day.

Best wellness planner: Papier Wellness Journal, $28.04 (originally $32.99)

Papier Wellness Journal

It’s time to prioritize your wellness in 2022. I love my Papier Wellness Journal for several of its nifty features:

  • Dedicated spots (with cute visuals) to track your mood, water intake and hours of sleep
  • Space to write down daily intentions, self-care, gratitude, “what went well today” and thoughts
  • A bulleted meal prep list

It’s pretty amazing — especially if you want a more goal-oriented planner.

Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Wirebound 2022 Planner

I’ve used Blue Sky planners throughout college and they are featherlight (perfect for tossing in your backpack) and come in the cutest prints It’s straightforward, classic and less than $15.

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