Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word of the Day: #233 Answer and Hints for February 7

The answer to Wordle #233 is especially difficult, unless you happen to get very lucky with your starting word. If you’re struggling to find enough green tiles in this latest puzzle, Newsweek has prepared the following guide with a few hints and tips.

Josh Wardle has previously insisted that he doesn’t want users getting addicted to Wordle. That is why it is only updated with a single puzzle each day, and there is no way of sifting through its archive to replay older stages. Ignoring conventional wisdom, it’s been purposefully designed so that it only takes up a few minutes of your time (rather than keeping you constantly engaged like other games).

Despite these best efforts to not get people addicted, Wordle has grown into a social phenomenon over the past couple of months. Users habitually visit the website first thing each morning to solve the daily puzzle and share their results online.

In fact, it has become so popular that The New York Times Company has ended up purchasing Wordle for a low seven-figure sum. While the publisher has assured fans that the game will continue to be accessible without a paywall (at least “initially”), you can save the current version to your desktop for safekeeping, just in case that changes.

Wordle’s meteoric rise is charted in the below graphic from Statista, which shows the trajectory of monthly visitors to the website.

Wordle Use Stats

Wordle #233 Hints for February 7

The word of the day for Monday, February 7 might catch you off guard due to its unusual combination of letters.

With that in mind, the solution for today’s puzzle is included at the very bottom of this article. If all you want is a little nudge in the right direction instead, we have provided a few clues below. As always, these get progressively easier so you can calibrate your own difficulty level.

  • Hint #1: Wordle #233 has a repeating letter in it, but it’s not a double consonant (like “LL” or “SS”). Instead, the two uses of this character are separated by other letters.
  • Hint #2: The repeating letter is actually a vowel. It’s the first and fourth tile in the Wordle puzzle.
  • Hint #3: A good starting word today would be “Plier.”
  • Hint #4: Wordle #233 rhymes with “Welder.”
  • Hint #5: Wordle #233 can be used as either an adjective or a noun. Merriam-Webster defines the latter as: “One who is older.”

Wordle #233 Answer

The answer for Wordle #233 on February 7 is “Elder.” Once you have eliminated “S” and “C” as possibilities, it can be quite difficult to think of other letters that precede “L” at the start of English words. It’s even more challenging if you have already found the second “E” and don’t think to try that letter again.

Wordle refreshes every day at 7 p.m. ET. If you can’t wait until then for another puzzle, Newsweek has compiled a list of alternative word games you might want to try.

Wordle #233 Answer February 7
Image shows the answer for “Wordle” #233. The solution for this puzzle is “Elder”.


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