Trolls say Botox made me look like hamster storing food – but I’d do it again

Over the years, Botox has become one of the most sought-after beauty procedures in the industry, with over a million injections each year.

One of those keen for the treatment was the beauty lover Tamika Rawson, who got Botox in her lower face.

But with various side effects, such as droopy eyelids and cockeyed brows to name a few, Botox, despite its popularity, also comes with great risk – and unfortunately for the Aussie, she was one of the unlucky clients.

In a short clip on TikTok, that has since taken the internet by storm, amassing close to 235,000 views, the Instagram-famous star revealed the tragic aftermath, which left her in hysterics.

At the start of the viral beauty blunder, Tamika can be seen filming herself in front of a mirror wearing a slinky spaghetti strap top with her hair slicked back.

A second or so later, she zooms in and hinges her jaw, which goes from defined and sculpted to two random balls at each side of her face.

Tamika Rawson
TikTok user Tamika Rawson uploaded the embarrassing side effects she suffered from Botox.
TikTok @tamikarawson

The blunder was so funny, that an observant viewer even compared Tamika’s new face to a hamster storing seeds.

”Don’t worry guys Botox only lasts 3 months phew,” the beauty lover said, adding the mortifying experience hasn’t put her off.

”I’ll wait til it’s all gone and start again,” she told the audience.

Both horrified and in stitches, viewers took it to comments to share their thoughts, with some claiming they’ve had a similar experience.

”It happened to me too 🙂 your provider should offer a free touch-up!!” wrote someone.

”This is from not enough in the deepest muscle. More tox was needed on a follow-up appointment 2 weeks post [sic],” thought one.

Tamika Rawson
TikTok user Tamika Rawson has two round protuberances at either side of her jaw from Botox.
TikTok @tamikarawson

A third added: ”Easy fix. Your injector may just need to use a longer needle.”

Fabulous spoke expert Rupesh Shah, from London Lip Clinic, who said: “A dimpled chin can be smoothed by injecting up to 4 units of Botox to relax the chin muscles and control the puckering of the chin.

“It appears in this video that the Botox is affecting more than the intended targeted chin muscle, hence why the patient’s face has become more crooked.

“The reason for this is that the solution diffused into the adjacent muscle, which is either due to inaccurate targeting or if the practitioner
diluted the product too much.

“To avoid this from happening, ensure you use a qualified and experienced practitioner to conduct the procedure, as they will know where they need to target and how much to dilute the product.

“This procedure is generally risk-free, with the main side-effects occurring just after the procedure has taken place. It is unfortunate, but Botox is not a permanent solution and will wear off in around 5 months.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission. 


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