Why power napping is great — when you know how to limit it

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you want a productive day.

But sometimes you need a little extra to keep you feeling fresh.

The sleep pros at Each Night recently shared that a midday nap might not actually be a bad thing.

In fact, they claim that “napping is proven to increase energy and alertness in adults, and it can even make it easier to speed through your day’s work.”

The secret to the perfect nap is to keep it short and sweet, 20 minutes is ideal, and no more than 30.

The sleep experts say that power napping is the way to go.

“Power naps slow down brain activity and body just enough to recharge you.

“While sleeping for longer durations slow downs your heartbeat and brain wave activity even further, and can leave you feeling sluggish upon awakening.”

The pros say that there are some rules you should follow for the perfect nap.

Location, location, location

Where you nap is an important factor and determines how effective it is, and how fresh you feel afterwards.

Lazy man watching television at night alone.
Sleeping experts recommend napping up to 30 minutes.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

At home the obvious choice is your bed, but you shouldn’t get too comfy.

Instead opt for the couch, you’ll be relaxed enough to get 20 minutes of shut eye, but won’t be so relaxed that you go overboard.

Timing is everything

Unsurprisingly, the afternoon is the best time to squeeze in a nap, specifically 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

“These are the best times to nap because our body’s circadian rhythm, or internal clock, naturally dips during the middle of the day.”

A young man sleeps on a couch, with a TV remote control firmly gripped in his hands.
Napping on a couch is a better alternative to oversleeping in a bed.
Getty Images

The pros say that if you work shift this might not be best for you, but you can still grab 15 minutes on your break.

If you can’t fall asleep, don’t force it.

You might not be as tired as you think, instead try going on a refreshing walk to re-energize yourself.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.


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