‘Wordle’ #239: Today’s Word of the Day Answer and Clues to Help You Solve 5-Letter Puzzle

Today’s Wordle (on for Sunday, February 13) might prove tricky to solve because it is not typically mentioned in everyday conversation. Newsweek has prepared today’s guide for those who might want a few helpful tips.

Wordle is now hosted on the New York Times website, following a seven-figure acquisition earlier this year after the puzzle game went from an intimate experience to a worldwide phenomenon.

When Wordle launched in October 2021, the game only had several dozen players who took part daily. Now, the puzzle game regularly attracts more than a million visitors each day.

Wordle’s incredible growth is plotted in the Statista graphic below.

Given Wordle’s enormous success, new players may feel intimidated by joining its rapidly-growing player base but the rules are quite simple to follow.

Wordle Use Stats
Statista graphic showing Wordle’s growth. The puzzle game only attracted dozens of players when it first launched in the fall last year.

Those wanting to try their hand at Wordle can play the game by guessing the five-letter word in six tries. Each guess must be a valid word before it can be accepted.

After each guess, the color on the tiles will show you how close you’ve come to correctly find the word.

A green tile means the letter is correct and in the right place, yellow indicates the letter is correct but in the wrong place, while gray tells the play the letter is not in the word.

Newsweek has put together the following guide for anyone who wants a little help with Wordle #239.

Wordle #239 Clues for February 13

For those who want to test themselves a bit first, we have saved the final answer for Wordle #239 until the end of this guide.

But for those who need a little help, here are some hints and tips.

Hint #1: Wordle #239 is a noun that is made up of two vowels and three consonants.

Hint #2: A good starting word to figure out the Wordle puzzle would be “cabin.”

Hint#3: It is first the name of a famous figure in English folklore.

Hint #4: Wordle #239 is the name of a bird.

Hint #5: It is the name of superhero Batman’s sidekick.

Wordle ‘239 Answer for February 13

The answer for Wordle #239 is “Robin.” There are few five-letter words in the English language that end with “bin,” so being able to narrow that down would significantly shift puzzle-solving in your favor.

Wordle #239 will be available at 7 p.m. ET when the daily refresh happens.

Wordle puzzle solved
Wordle #239 puzzle from Sunday, February 13. Wordle has become a worldwide phenomenon.
New York Times


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