‘Wordle’ Word #228 Answer and Clues: How To Solve Today’s Puzzle for February 2

Wordle #228 is a bit of a curveball after the last couple of puzzles were relatively straightforward. If you want some clues to make it a little easier, Newsweek has prepared a handy guide.

The difficulty of Wordle can fluctuate wildly. Sometimes the answer is quite obvious, like it was on February 1, while on other days it can leave you scratching your head as you try in vain to whittle down the entire alphabet, only to realize that you needed a “Q” or a “V” all along.

If you don’t find at least a couple of green blocks in your initial attempts, then it can often feel like you have no hope of victory whatsoever. However, the game’s developer, Josh Wardle, has posited that learning which letters are wrong can be just as useful as learning which ones are right.

In other words, there is no such thing as a “bad guess” in Wordle, as you will always get some kind of valuable information. That being said, if you are really struggling with the #228 puzzle on Wednesday, February 2, then it might be worth checking out our tips below.

Wordle #228 Tips for February 2

Newsweek will reveal the answer to Wordle #228 at the bottom of this article. Before we get to that, here are some pointers if you intend to work it out on your own.

These clues will get progressively easier, so you can decide exactly how much help you want with the puzzle.

  • Hint #1: The Wordle solution for February 2 has two vowels. On this occasion, “aioli” might be a good starter word for figuring out what those are.
  • Hint #2: In terms of the consonants, the word ends with a “T.”
  • Hint #3: An anagram of Wordle #228 is “Omits.”
  • Hint #4: It also rhymes with “Hoist” and “Foist.”
  • Hint #5: Merriam-Webster defines Wordle #228 as an adjective that means “slightly or modestly wet.” As such, it is also synonymous with “Damp,” “Humid” and “Soggy.”

Wordle #228 Answer

The answer to Wordle #228 on February 2 is “Moist.” Compared to the last couple of puzzles, this one was rather tricky, especially if you could not figure out that pesky first letter.

Wordle is currently free-to-play via its own dedicated webpage, and you can access it using any web browser. There’s only one puzzle a day, which refreshes every 24 hours at 7 p.m. ET.

If you find that this is not enough, Newsweek has found some alternative word games that you might want to consider trying.

Wordle Answer February 2
Image shows the answer for “Wordle” #228. The word of the day for February 2 is “Moist.”


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