You Can Finally Eat Raw Cookie Dough Straight From the Jar

If you’ve ever made cookies, you’ve more than likely experienced the pressing urge to sample the cookie dough raw before popping them in the oven. Of course, almost all cookies are made from dough containing whole eggs, which means eating it raw can lead to foodborne illnesses like salmonella—not worth it! Fortunately, egg-free cookie dough brand, Doughp (pronounced “dope”) is here to serve you a dose of nostalgia with their safe-to-eat raw cookie dough pints and bite-sized cookie dough nuggets.

I had the privilege of postponing my diet (yet again!) to try a variety of Doughp cookie dough’s delicious flavors, including my favorite, Cookie Monster (a blue-hued cookies and cream flavor), Brownie Beast (chocolate brownie and cookie dough flavors), Ride or Die (classic chocolate chip), and Dunk ‘Em In (sprinkle cake flavor with vanilla frosting swirls). Eating Doughp raw from the pint is so much fun because you’re pretending to break the rules, but honestly, this cookie dough is equally as delicious baked. Now, I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love with this guilt-free cookie dough—just check out some of the rave reviews.

Doughp Edible Cookie Dough

“I bought Doughp to eat raw and it was everything I hoped for. Then I decided I should give baking it a try and they were even better in cookie form,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “This is honestly the best cookie dough I have ever had! We didn’t even get to make cookies out of it because my husband and I ate it all. I will definitely be ordering more to try them baked. I also love that it supports such an important cause. Purchases are so much more meaningful when part of your money is donated to helping people. Addiction runs in my family so I live this idea. Don’t hesitate, order now!” says another happy customer.

As the reviewer mentioned, Doughp donates a portion of all sales (with a minimum guaranteed donation of $30,000) to the non-profit SHE RECOVERS® Foundation, which helps support women in recovery and provides access to mental health care. This means you can feel extra good about treating yourself to this raw cookie dough. It’s really a win-win.

Doughp Drops Cookie Dough Nuggets

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